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ACORN stands for "Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now," although "Allied Communists to Overthrow a Righteous Nation" may be more accurate, but you decide. Following are just several of the hundreds of demands spelled out in the ACORN People's Platform: "End foreclosure," "Establish a special confiscatory tax on income acquired from speculation in real property," "Set maximum interest rates for all forms of credit," "Medical education is financed by the government, in exchange for which doctors are required to serve in the public health service for a period of at least ten years," "Repeal mortgage interest and property tax deductions: establish mortgage interest tax credits only for low- and moderate-income households," "Guarantee a minimum annual family income at a figure equivalent to the most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics 'medium living standard,' adjusted for inflation," Prohibit the hiring of temporary replacements to fund anti-union campaigns," "Give local communities the power to grant and revoke operating charters for bank operations within their boundaries," "Tax windfall profits reaped by corporations operating in the four basic areas: housing, health, food, and energy," "Establish funding for…Self defense classes for women in low income neighborhoods," "require that 80% of all federal law enforcement grants be spent on neighborhood crime control," "Require cable TV companies to make good on their promises to allow community groups access to air time, or revoke their operating licenses," "Institute automatic voter registration," "Require that low- and moderate-income people be proportionately represented in all major political institutions, including: the Cabinet, the judiciary, the regulatory boards, and the national party conventions," "Require all corporations of over $10 million in assets to include worker- representative and low- and moderate-income members of the community on their corporate boards."

If ACORN's platform wasn't enough to discredit the organization, recent videos (in which ACORN representatives assisted an undercover pimp and prostitute in falsifying records to apply for government funds [your taxes] illegally and traffic in child prostitution) should quell any doubts.

And what would you think about a political campaign that gave $800,000 to such an organization, and president who embraces it?

House Republicans Blast Democrats, Obama Over Alleged ACORN Ties

By Lee Ross -
December 01, 2009

“Republicans also voiced complaints that Democrats are not moving forward with investigations into the organization that is alleged to have committed widespread voter fraud to support Democratic candidates, in violation of the group's tax-exempt status.”

ACORN Affiliate Shows Its Hatred for Dissent
"ACORN affiliates threaten members of CSA and Campaign For Liberty. The Conservative & Libertarian groups were there to protest against healthcare reform. ACORN affiliates: Organize for America, ACT-Now, & USA-CAN are pushing blank signatures upon shoppers at a mall."
Unearthed! Obama's twisted ACORN roots
Track timeline of president's ties to group immersed in scandals

Posted: September 18, 2009
12:10 am Eastern
By Chelsea Schilling
© 2009 WorldNetDaily
Representative from ACORN
CNN Exposes How ACORN Steals Votes For Democrats
ACORN's fraudulent practices were well established PRIOR to the election.

According to CNN, "Despite its (Acorn's) past, the Obama campaign gave $800,000 to ACORN to help fund its Primary registration drive, and ACORN has endorsed Barack Obama for president."

So Obama wins, ACORN wins, and the rest of us lose.



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