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ANSWER: Destruction of capitalism, over taxation of productive Americans, awarding of tax dollars to liberal Democrat voting blocks, providing of social benefits to slackers and illegal aliens, and/or legislating with no regard to the United States Constitution. QUESTION: What do Nationalized Healthcare, T.A.R.P., Cap and Trade, ACORN and other programs embraced by the Obama administration have in common?

If you are still unclear as to where Obama is taking our beloved United States in the near future, just look at the associations of his recent past, with radical preachers Jeremiah Wright and Michael Pfleger, convicted Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, convict and political supporter Tony Rezko and numerous other America-hating radicals. 

Join the resistance while we still have freedom of speech, komrades.

A Stranger in Our Midst

April 29, 2010
By Robert Weissberg

"… I finally realized that the Obama administration and its congressional collaborators almost resemble a foreign occupying force, a coterie of politically and culturally non-indigenous leaders whose rule contravenes local values rooted in our national tradition. It is as if the United States has been occupied by a foreign power…

"Obama Administration Steers Lucrative No-Bid Contract for Afghan Work to Dem Donor"

By James Rosen

"The Obama administration this month awarded a $25 million federal contract for work in Afghanistan to a company owned by a prominent Democratic campaign contributor without entertaining competitive bids, Fox News has learned."

"As a candidate for president in 2008, then-Sen. Obama frequently derided the Bush administration for the awarding of federal contracts without competitive bidding.

"'I will finally end the abuse of no-bid contracts once and for all,' the senator told a Grand Rapids audience on Oct. 2. 'The days of sweetheart deals for Halliburton will be over when I'm in the White House.'"

"It won’t take 6 months until the people figure this guy out…"

By Howard Galganov
Thursday, July 23, 2009

"When Obama won the Presidency with the help of the LEFTIST Media, Hollywood and Entertainment Liberals, Ethnic Socialists (ACORN), Stupid Non-Business Professionals and Bush Haters, I wrote:

"It won’t take 6 months until the people figure this guy out and realize how horrible a mistake they’ve made. And when they come to that realization, the damage to the United States of America will be so great, that it will take a generation or more to repair - IF EVER."

Associated Press devotes 11 reporters to fact check Sarah Palin's book

The Associated Press devoted 11 reporters to fact check Sarah Palin's new book Going Rogue but never assigned even one reporter to fact check the books by Barack Obama, Joe Biden or Ted Kennedy. Remember that the next time you read anything from the biased Associated Press!

Americans feel increasingly disheartened, and our leaders don't even notice

By Peggy Noonan
October 29, 2009

"When I see those in government, both locally and in Washington, spend and tax and come up each day with new ways to spend and tax—health care, cap and trade, etc.—I think: Why aren't they worried about the impact of what they're doing? Why do they think America is so strong it can take endless abuse?

Maligning the Tea Partiers

 Bob Grant
May 12, 2010

"…I say the media is corrupt because it censors the news it doesn’t want you to have and paints a false picture of what it wants you to believe.

"I will give you an example of what I mean. Here is a classic example. When the media reports on a tea party function, it does not show the range of decent law abiding, respectful citizens."

Travesty in New York

By Charles Krauthammer
November 20, 2009

"It's Obama who blocked a process that would have yielded the swiftest and most certain justice."

“Tragedy at Ft Hood”

By Allen West | 11/08/09 | 08:57 AM EDT

"This is not a “man caused disaster”. It is what it is, an Islamic jihadist attack."

No President Has Ever Bowed to a Foreign Leader — Until Now

Sunday, November 15, 2009 11:14 PM
By: Daniel Ruddy

"President Barack Obama’s bow to the Japanese emperor Saturday — following his bow to the Saudi Arabian monarch in April — is creating a humiliating new precedent. Until Obama, no president of the United States in the more than 230 years since the country was founded in 1776 had ever bowed to a member of royalty."

First Lady Now Requires 26 Servants

By Dr. Paul L. Williams
Monday, August 17, 2009

"Obama, as we reported on July 7, is not served by twenty-two attendants who stand by to cater to her every whim.

"She is served by twenty-six attendants, including a hair dresser and make-up artist.

Back on Uncle Sam's plantation

By Star Parker - Syndicated Columnist
Feb 9, 2009

"A benevolent Uncle Sam welcomed mostly poor black Americans onto the government plantation. Those who accepted the invitation switched mindsets from "How do I take care of myself?" to "What do I have to do to stay on the plantation?"

The Inmates Are Running The White House Asylum

By Howard Galganov
Monday, Nov 16, 2009

"Even when I believe the White House has reached a low that can’t get lower, Obama and his cadre seem to be infallible when it comes to pushing that limit beyond the pale.

Bowing to "World Opinion"

Thomas Sowell
Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Tragically, this administration seems hell-bent to avoid seeing acts of terrorism against the United States as acts of war. The very phrase "war on terrorism" is avoided, as if that will stop the terrorists' war on us."

Why Obama's Ft. Hood reaction seems so strange

By Alan Keyes
Nov 7, 2009

"There are times when even Obama's critics seem to have difficulty putting into words their reaction to his strange behavior. I think that's because they refuse to consider the simple premise that makes sense of it all: He feels no love for the USA. He seems in fact to feel himself to be no part of this country."

5 Messages for 'Elite' Republicans

by John Hawkins
Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Stop sabotaging our candidates: It is absolutely infuriating that Republican Party organizations talk incessantly about conservative principles, rely on conservatives for the overwhelming majority of their funding, and then turn around and sabotage conservative candidates like Doug Hoffman and Marco Rubio. Who the hell do you think you are?


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