Content by Issue > Economy > Peter Schiff on 2009-2010 USA Hyperinflation
Peter Schiff on 2009-2010 USA Hyperinflation
"...The longer it takes for us to change course, the harder it is to make the change, right? The deeper into debt we go, the more money the Fed prints, the harder it is to put that inflation genie back into the bottle, because the reason that the politicians are doing this is because they don't want to face the pain. They don't want to deal with reality. Well, the more they do this, the more painful reality becomes. So if they can't deal with the pain today, why would they deal with twice as much pain in the future? That is the flaw. In thinking that, well, they're just going to do something later on to stop it, they're not. If they really had the guts to anything, they'd do it right now. So this is extremely, extremely dangerous..."



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