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"Tracking Your Taxes: Medicare Waste Goes Unchecked"
Take a look at the latest story on Medicare running on The report notes that Medicare is the "single largest buyer of medical products" in the United States. As such, one might think that they'd get some kind of "volume discount." Wrong!

"Medicare doesn't even get the best price. According to their own auditors, Medicare knowingly overpays for almost everything it buys."

Here are some examples:

-- $7,215 to rent an oxygen concentrator, when the purchase price is $600.
-- $4,018 for a standard wheelchair, while the private sector pays $1,048.
-- $1,825 for a hospital bed, compared to an Internet price of $1,071.
-- $3,335 for a respiratory pump, versus an advertised price of $1,987.
-- $82 for a diabetic supply kit, instead of a $47 price on the Web.

Of course, efforts to change the system have been blocked in Congress. No one has any respect for the taxpayer, and apparently, no one in Congress has any business experience either.

These are the same politicians who incorrectly claim that government run healthcare will reduce costs.

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