Local NJ Tea Parties
Tri-County Tea Party Organization


This is the OFFICIAL homepage of the Tri-County Tea Party Organization, a federally-registered Section 527 non-profit organization. We are allied with other Tea Party groups throughout the great state of New Jersey.

We promote the vision of America's founders — that America would be a haven in which government would PROTECT individual rights (for ALL individuals), including but not limited to the moral rights to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness.

In other words, we are FOR liberty, capitalism, and individual rights.

As a result of this, we stand firmly AGAINST tyranny, no matter who (or what group) practices it.


Should you wish to get involved, or simply add your name to our e-mail distribution list, please e-mail us at:


Although we are located in the great state of New Jersey, we encourage all liberty-minded folks — no matter where you were born, raised, or now live — to get involved!