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Iran Protest Rally - July 22, NYC
Tuesday, Jul 21, 2015

Desperate times call for desperate measures.  Recently, many Americans felt abandoned/betrayed by the Supreme Court vis-a-vis SCOTUS-care and — arguably — by both the President ​AND Congress (Yes, Republicans, too) on trade, etc.

However, these and other issues pale in comparison to the existential threat posed by the Iran Nuke 'Appeasement' that was signed and touted by Obama and his lackey, Secretary of State, John Kerry last week.

Enclosed below are some of the relevant concerns and details surrounding what many call a “horrendous deal”.

First, a short primer on some key aspects of the Muslim religion are in order.
Do the President and Secretary of State realize that Muslims are allowed to lie to non-Muslims (Kafir is the derogatory term for non-believers) in order to defeat them and/or have ‘us’ believe in the illusion of (peaceful) Muslim assimilation.

The two forms of lying are:
Taqiyya - Saying something that isn't true.
Kitman - Lying by omission.

Muhammad stated that it is the moral duty of devout Muslims to engage in Jihad of the sword and the pen (war and war propaganda). "War is deceit."
Forms of Islamic Deceit:
Tawriya: deceit by ambiguity
Taysir: deceit through facilitation (not having to observe all the  tenets of Sharia).
Darura: deceit through necessity (to engage in something otherwise forbidden).
Muruna: the temporary suspension of Sharia in order that Muslim immigrants appear "moderate"
*​​Iran Bans U.S. Inspectors from All Nuclear SitesNo Americans permitted under final nuclear deal

U.S. and Iranian officials confirmed that no American nuclear inspectors will be permitted to enter the country’s contested nuclear site under the parameters of a deal reached with world powers this week, according to multiple statements by American and Iranian officials.
You got to read the deal to see what's in it.  Sound familiar?

*As part of the deal, Iran will have a 24-day period in which it can address concerns over suspicious sites and agree to inspections.
But the procedure does not explicitly force Iran to admit that its military sites could be open to foreign inspections, leaving some uncertainty over the access Iran will allow in practice.
​*Nuke Deal Helps Qasem Soleimani, The Top Iranian General With ‘American Blood on His Hands’
He will be granted sanctions relief and was added to the "deal" at the last minute.  He is the Iranian general who runs Iran’s elite paramilitary and covert operations group, the Quds Force.which helped Shiite militias in Iraq kill American soldiers and who has come to the rescue of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad

Even New Jersey's senior Democratic Senator, Bob Menendez said:
"The bottom line is: The deal doesn’t end Iran’s nuclear program – it preserves it."

For an up to date list of speakers which include such notables as Monica Crowley, Allen West, Mort Zuckerman, Frank Gaffney and many others, please visit:

We hope you will share this important announcement with your colleagues and we look forward to seeing many of you at this event!


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