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Endorsement: Morris County Freeholder Primary, June 2
Monday, Jun 1, 2015

We are pleased and proud to offer our support and endorsement to

the Morris Conservative Team 2015

David Scapicchio and John Krickus and Denville Councilwoman Deborah Smith

From left to right, incumbents
David Scapicchio and John Krickus
and Denville Councilwoman Deborah Smith

We have always tried to follow President Ronald Reagan's 'Eleventh commandment' uttered during his 1966 campaign for Governor of California:  "Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican." However, recent revelations make that impossible.  In what can only be described as specious - and perhaps scandalous - events, Democratic super PACs and funding sources are backing a competing Republican, yes, REPUBLICAN team.  Why you ask?  This is strikingly similar to the Hillary Clinton scandal where many large contributors have been seen to benefit in what can only be described as 'pay to play' on a world scale!

In an almost unprecedented move, pre-primary election endorsements were announced this past week.  We are really proud of Morris County Republican Chairman John Sette, State Senator Tony Bucco, Republican "Chair of Chairs" Jose Arango (Hudson County), and State Assemblyman Anthony M. Bucco.  Instead of being politically correct, they set what we hope will be an example for Republicans throughout our state and, indeed, throughout the country. Collectively, they claimed the moral high ground by following their principles and doing what they each believed to be the right thing!

In a statement addressing the opponents of the Morris Conservative Team 2015, e.g. the Morris First slate and their donations from labor unions and Democratic super PACS, Chairman John Sette opined:

"I am against this intrusion. I don't know what the paybacks are. It doesn't make sense.  I hope nobody is selling Morris County.”

Here then is the Morris Conservative Team's platform, as set out by independent news sources around Morris County:


Morris Conservative Team 2015
Scapicchio, Krickus & Smith
lines 8, 9 and 10 on your ballot!

In order to counteract the Democratic Party incursion into Morris County we urge YOU to get out to vote this Tuesday, June 2.



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