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United States of Goldman Sachs
This is one of the scariest and most informative videos we've seen. Should be required viewing for every American!

"It's as if we bailed out the Corleone family and they turn around two quarters later and have a record quarter. This is rich bankers bailing out rich bankers on your credit card...Wall Street has captured the institutions that are supposed to protect our country from Wall Street...It's called an Oligarchy, a group of powerful folks who have basically hijacked the government. We have an Oligarchy who has basically captured Washington DC...they manufactured the loopholes that let this happen and they're doing everything they can do to keep those loopholes from being closed...the media is largely captured too. The New York financial press has become, to an unsavory degree, close to the financial community on whom it reports, so they will not report the kind of news and only see it on the fringes..."

Patrick M. Byrne, Founder and CEO of



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