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Yet another hard-to-believe example of hideous government waste
John Murtha Airport in Cambria County, Johnstown, PA, has received $150 million of taxpayer money through the Federal Government over the last 10 years, due to the dealings of PA Congressman John Murtha (D-12th District).

The airport just added a $7 million air traffic control tower, a $14 million hangar and an $18 million runway.

Worse than the airport receiving any taxpayer money at all is that the airport is not even used! An average of only 20 people per day fly out of this airport, taking one of three flights per day, all of which go to Washington DC.

Taxpayers subsidize $100 for every passenger, contributing as much for each ticket as each passenger does!

On top of that, the airport was just awarded an additional $800,000 in Federal "Stimulus" (your) money, a debt for which you, your children and your grandchildren will be paying throughout your lives.

If you are a 50-year old with an undergraduate degree you will be paying about $81,000 for the interest alone on the Federal "Stimulus" budget.

If you're 40 you will be paying about $132,000, and if you're 20 you'll be paying about $114,000...for interest only!

Huge amounts of YOUR tax money are being totally wasted by politicians who outwardly claim to have your best interest in mind (to gain votes), but who actively exploit you by squandering your tax money for selfish political gain.

This is not about partisan politics. It's about the facts you should know before casting your next vote against tax-and-spend, self-serving politicians. Next time cast your vote for a candidate who believes in cutting the size, the payroll and the "stimulus" waste of government in order to reverse over taxation and intrusive big-government.

The John Murtha Airport is but one example of how you are being fleeced.



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