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NJTeaParty.com (NJTP) Identity and Legal Status

NJTeaParty.com (NJTP) NJTeaParty.com is owned by, and part of, Morristown Tea Party Org. a federally registered section 527 organization under the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions or gifts to NJTP are not tax deductible. NJTP can advocate for and against specific legislation at the state and federal levels.

NJTP can accept contributions from individuals and business entities in support of its mission.

NJTP does not solicit or accept financial contributions or grants from any government entity, or from any foreign source.

If you have questions about NJTP legal status, contact us at

Registered Users

By registering with NJTP a user may leave comments associated with posted content. NJTP reserves the right to edit or delete comments at its sole discretion without prior notification. A user account can be suspended at any time at the sole discretion of the NJTP administrator without prior notification and without explanation. NJTP reserves the right to restrict access.