A funny thing happened on the way to signing the IMPEACHMENT petition

A 'funny' thing happened on the way to signing the ipetition, emailed on 6-17-14, "...to Impeach President Barack Obama."  It got removed....squashed...disappeared!  How chilling!
ipetitions.com, owned by  Angle Three Associates, LLC not only made it disappear, they also prevented it from being re-posted.

Yes, within one hour of posting (should one be flattered? or scared? or both?) these 'powers that be', the ones - no doubt - who looked directly into the camera and swore they had nothing to do with the missing IRS emails because, after all "... it's entirely reasonable. And it's fact.  You've never heard of a computer crashing before?"

This is insulting and much less believable than "the dog ate my homework."  It also presumes that we are all beyond stupid....and 'they' don't care! So, we have found a new purveyor of petitions and we ask you to sign it and share it. At the most fundamental level, the one thing that unites all of us grass roots believers, single issue voters, Tea Party-ers, We, the People, is our belief in the Constitution. If it is being violated ......trampled...mocked, then we must put all differences aside and do what is necessary to protect this guarantor of our freedoms!


Petition to Impeach President Barack Obama

We, the People, urge the U.S. Congress to file articles of impeachment against Barack Hussein Obama for illegally freeing top terrorists during wartime in trade for an alleged army deserter, as well as other unlawful and impeachable offenses listed below.

Members of Congress, we respectfully remind you that you have sworn a solemn oath to uphold the Constitution which this president - ostensibly - routinely circumvents and/or violates.   To allow a president to continue to abuse his high office so egregiously - and without employing the one remedy the Founding Fathers entrusted to you as the ultimate check on a dangerously imperial president - would be unconscionable.

We urge you, therefore, to find the courage of your deepest convictions and boldly come to the rescue of your nation before it is too late.


1.  Video Montage: Obama Learns About All His Scandals From Media
"I believe we learned about them through the reports..."

2.  Breaking: Obama finds out about Iraq crisis from the newspaper

3.  1000s of Americans in Baghdad face death from ISIS & desperately want to get out.    Obama off to CA for golf & fundraiser

4.   Obama says Iraq going to need more help

5.  Andrew C. McCarthy: "Obama Replenishes the Taliban"

6.  [VIDEO] Joe Biden Boasts of Success in Iraq: 'One of Obama's Great Achievements'

7.  Administration Heard Terrorists Using State Dept. Phones During Benghazi Attacks

8.  Texas border-region leaders demand response from Feds on crisis

9.  Obama administration is aiding and abetting felonies' by 'delivering' flood of illegal immigrant children to relatives in the US: Withering verdict of furious judge

10.  Biden: U.S. needs 'constant, unrelenting stream' of immigrants

11.  Hillary Clinton Calls Russia Reset A 'Brilliant Stroke'

12.  The IRS Loses Lerner's Emails

13.  O'Reilly: Obama Knew About VA Problems and Did Nothing

And this may be a contributing factor to the actions by the Party of Pelosi, Reid, Obama, et al:

14.  Free crack pipes given out in SF:


Now it's up to you and our Congressmen.  In the near future, we will be highlighting U.S. Senate candidates that we support and honestly believe can win - but ONLY with YOUR help!
Why is this important - of the utmost importance?

Well, as most of you probably know, it takes (control of) both Houses to impeach a sitting President (and Attorney General).

We must rekindle the spark.  Our country and our future are at stake!

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Who's a "domestic terrorist?"

Almost five years ago, in July, 2009, at Ft. Hood army base, in Texas, Major Nidal Hassan killed 13 American soldiers and wounded another dozen. The Obama administration has yet to label that "domestic terrorism" preferring, instead to prosecute him under the guise of "workplace violence."

Yet, this week (holy week of Easter and Passover, coincidentally?) Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid has seen fit to label a few of his fellow Nevadans as "domestic terrorists" for having refused to pay grazing rights for their cattle. Worse, the government has insanely - and dangerously - overreacted by sending SWAT teams, BLM soldiers armed with automatic weapons, dogs, helicopters, tasers and re enforced assault vehicles to deal with some cowboys and supporters. Perhaps, most egregiously, these heavily armed administration employees had the gaul to set up "First Amendment zones" miles from the confrontation sites.

Be afraid...be very afraid, fellow Americans!
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